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  1. Name a fandom you are a part of that is virtually unknown.
  2. Does Anne Of Green Gables have a fandom? hahaha
  3. What was the first fandom you wanted to blog about when joining tumblr?
    Glee :DD
  4. What was the most recent thing you watched or read that made you feel something?
    Some Hanna Arendt quotes :) I’m (trying) to read her book “Human Condition”. 
  5. Name a fandom that you joined in 2013 that you are still a part of.
    Orphan Black and Attack on Titan. 
  6. What kind of music do you listen to most often?
    Maybe Indie pop, folk music and alternative rock? I like everything tbh
  7. What food haven’t you eaten in a while that you want now?
    Lemon Pie <3
  8. Name three things about yourself that you feel proud of.
    I think I am a good sister. I am loyal to my friends and I am determinated person.
  9. Is there anything about tumblr that you wish would change?
    Silly fights and anon hate.
  10. Is there anything about tumblr that you hope never changes?
    The sense of humor <3
  11. What color would you want your hair/eyes to be if anime hair/eye colors were naturally possible?
  12. How often are you away from tumblr
    On this one I’d say a very long time hahaha, but I’m always on my personal one. 

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1. What’s the best movie you watched in 2013?

2. Who’s your favourite writer?

3. What’s your favourite Book?

4.What do you do when you’re bored?

5. Top 5 songs

6. First thing you notice when you meet someone

7. A celebrity you would like to meet.

8. Your OTP

9. Something that makes you really happy

10. Do you consider yourself oblivious to everything that’s happening in the world? 

11. Favourite anime OST

12. An Overrated/Underrated character. 

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She read a great deal, and very soon realized how little chance she had of an interesting future.


JumpBang Ichigo in color.
JumpBang Ichigo in color.

bleach tá chato pra caralho


What am I? I'm his true form. I guess you could say I'm his instinct


What am I? I'm his true form. I guess you could say I'm his instinct